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About Us
About Us

Originating in Australia, Global Rock Challenge™ events have been staged since 1988 in 120 locations throughout; Australia, New Zealand, Japan, United Kingdom, South Africa, Germany and United Arab Emirates, with over 1 million participants globally. The Rock Challenge® was introduced to the United Kingdom in 1996 by Hampshire Constabulary with the aim to help young people enjoy school and live pro-active and positive lifestyles free of tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs.

The Rock Challenge® is universally inclusive with secondary schools, colleges, academies, schools catering for students with special needs and independent schools from all backgrounds taking part. Due to the popularity of the initiative the junior version, J Rock™, for young people aged 7-11, was also introduced to the UK and in 2019 enters its 15thyear.

Whilst the primary goal of Rock Challenge® and J Rock™ events remains to encourage young people to make positive life choices and be their best without the use of tobacco, alcohol and drugs, regularly conducted evaluations show proven and evidenced benefits above and beyond these original objectives.

These benefits are evidenced in the questionnaires completed by students and teachers throughout our 2018 tour.  5001 out of 6122 J Rock™ respondents reported that they had made new friends through the initiative, with 93% of students reporting that J Rock™ had improved their relationships with teachers. Relations were also improved for Rock Challenge® participants, 6512 of 8909 students felt they had improved relationships with teachers,  89% reported they had made new friends through Rock Challenge®, and 93% felt their teamwork skills had improved as a result. Of the Rock Challenge® respondents, 7,865 felt their self-esteem had improved, with 93% of teachers also reporting that they felt their student's self- esteem had improved. 34% of responding J Rock™ and Rock Challenge® teachers felt that anti- social behaviour had decreased at their school; and, as is the aim of the event, a fantastic 89% of teachers believed that Rock Challenge® had allowed their students to achieve a ‘natural high’ through performing, instead of using drugs, alcohol, or tobacco.

The competitions are professionally produced events held in major theatre venues across the United Kingdom. Schools will spend the day rehearsing in front of their peers and supporting o­ne another before performing their 5-8 minute dance, drama and design piece to a live audience of friends, family, VIP guests and a panel of judges. Marked in three criteria areas- production, design and performance- schools are presented o­n stage at the end of the evening show with Awards of Excellence in a variety of areas. The top placing teams are also announced and qualify through to a regional final where they are invited to compete with other winners from across the country.

As the standard of productions have improved year o­n year a ‘Northern Premier’ and ‘Southern Premier’ Division have also been developed to allow teams reaching a high level of achievement to compete against teams of a similar standard. These ‘Premier Teams’ showcase at local events before competing in their respective final.

  Positive Outcomes

Rock Challenge®and J Rock™ events encourage young people to make positive life choices and be their best without the use of tobacco, alcohol and other drugs. Regularly conducted evaluations and testimonials have also shown proven and evidenced benefits above and beyond these original objectives. You can Bullet1CLICK HERE to watch a video about the benefits and you can also see some of the benefits outlined below:


Health is defined as a state of complete mental, physical and social wellbeing. Instilling positive healthy lifestyle messages to young people at an early age is an important part of their growth, improves their current wellbeing and sets habits for the future. Involvement in Rock Challenge®or J Rock™ improves physical health and also enables young people involved to develop a range of life skills and character traits important for personal development. Rock Challenge®is seen by students and teachers alike as a key part of their improved resilience, confidence-building and understanding of teamwork. The initiatives work as deterrents to less desirable behaviour and builds resilience when faced with challenges later in life.


The reasons why young people may be reluctant learners or disengaged are often complex. Actively targeting engagement at school age ensures that the lives are shaped positively of even the most vulnerable young people. Improved relationships with teachers, attendance in school and reduction of anti-social behaviour are key outcomes reported through involvement with Rock Challenge® and J Rock™ which contribute to the creation of a more productive school environment. The unique concept of creating a performance has also shown to capture the imagination and ignite the thirst for learning amongst a wide variety of students.


We often work in partnership with various police forces around the UK, humanising officers and offering an access point for young people involved if required. A positive profile of the school and young people in the community is established and schools regularly report the community support increases year after year. Whilst the performances consist of students there is no limit to the number of community members that can get involved in the weeks/ months leading up to the show day. The wider school and local community can help by offering time, expertise or supporting fundraising endeavours. which can raise the profile of both the young people and school. Schools can collaboratively work together to produce joint entries and the events are a good opportunity for secondary school Rock Challenge® students to assist the J Rock™ entries of their feeder schools which in turn has positive implications for the primary school students in their transition to secondary school.


Teams can be made up of students with a range of religions, ethnicities, behavioural and special education needs. Performances can be created to bring out the strengths of each and every child involved with no barriers to every pupil achieving. The whole experience also helps schools to promote the fundamental British values of democracy, tolerance and mutual respect.


High profile venues are used across the UK to allow young people get a unique chance to perform live o­n a professional stage. This performance in front of friends, family, peers and the wider community is a culmination of the months of hard work and gives the young people an end goal to focus for.


With academic success and attainment extremely high priorities for the Government and educational establishments, involvement and creation of a Rock Challenge®/ J Rock™ piece is strongly placed to supplement the Purpose of Study, Aims and Attainment set out in numerous statutory aspects of the English National Curriculum. The events do so by allowing a different platform for learning which can engage and deepen the understanding of more young people. The Education Scotland Curriculum for Excellence is intended to help children and young people gain the knowledge, skills and attributes needed for life in the 21st century. The personal and social health benefits the young people experience through involvement help to achieve this aim, whilst the self-reported overall enjoyment of school contributes to raising the levels of attainment also a key Government focus.   

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