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2009 Dresden Rock Challenge Results
The Kulturpalast, Dresden - Monday, April 6th, 2009

My pathetic attempts at translating from German to English (largely through Google Translate and Babel Fish :) are the bits in italics: anyone who can provide far better translations for the phrases I've really mangled up please email me ! Anyone with working websites for the two schools that don't seem to have them (or who notice that I've got any of the websites wrong !) again - please email me.

38. MITTELSCHULE, Dresden: Bestes Bühnenbild (the Award for Best Set Design and Staging ?)
Die zertanzten Schuhe ("The Shoes That Were Danced To Pieces" or "The Twelve Dancing Princesses" - Grimms Fairytales)

62. MITTELSCHULE "FRIEDRICH SCHILLER", Dresden: Bester Soundtrack, Beste Choreographie (the Award for Best Soundtrack and the Award for Best Choreography)
Die vier Elemente ("The Four Elements")

FÖRDERSCHULE "LICHTBLICK", Riesa: Beste Konzeptinterpretation (the Award for Best Concept Interpretation)
Piraten der Karibik ("Pirates of the Caribbean")

Klimawandel ("Global Warming")

MITTELSCHULE BOXDORF "KURFÜRST-MORITZ-SCHULE": 1. Platz und Publikumspreis (the Audience Award (?) and overall FIRST PLACE)
Die Büchse der Pandora ("Pandora's Box")

Underworld ("Underwater World")

MITTELSCHULE "GOTTFRIED PABST VON OHAIN", Freiberg: Bestes Licht (the Award for Best Lighting Design)
Mit UNESCO um die Welt ("With UNESCO Around the World")

MITTELSCHULE KÖNIGSTEIN: Beste Frisur/ bestes Make up (the Awards for Best Hair Design and Best Make-Up Design)
Little cats grow up!

MITTELSCHULE KÖTZSCHENBRODA: Beste Stagecrew (the Award for Best Stagecrew)
Lebensfreude ("Joie de Vivre" :)

RYDE HIGH SCHOOL, Hampshire: 3. Platz (overall THIRD PLACE)
Just Desserts!

WERNER-VON-SIEMENS-GYMNASIUM. Großenhain: Spirit of Rock Challenge (the Award for Spirit of Rock Challenge)
Monoton - nie ("Monotone - Never")

WILDERN SCHOOL Southampton: Beste Kostümgestaltung (the Award for Best Costume Design)
Remember this?