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Southampton Junior Results and Themes
Southampton Guildhall - Monday, March 2nd, 2009

BALLARD SCHOOL, New Milton, Hampshire (NEW SCHOOL): the Hampshire Constabulary Award for Best Video Performance, and the Be Your Best Foundation Award for Best Stage Crew

DOWNSIDE MIDDLE SCHOOL JUNIORS, Newport, Isle of Wight: the Hampshire Healthy Schools Award for Best Choreography, the Sew n So Award for Best Costume Design, and overall FIRST PLACE

FOREST EDGE SCHOOL, Southampton, Hampshire: the Isle of Wight Healthy Schools Award for Most Entertaining Performance, and the Hampshire Police Authority Award for Best Lighting Design

LOVE LANE COMMUNITY PRIMARY SCHOOL, Cowes, Isle of Wight: the Hampshire Drug and Alcohol Action Team Award for Best Hair and Make Up Design, the Award for School Community Support, and overall THIRD PLACE

NORMAN GATE SCHOOL, Andover, Hampshire: the Gosport Borough Council Award for Concept Originality

ST MARK'S CE PRIMARY SCHOOL, Farnborough, Hampshire: the Hampshire Childrens Services Award for Best Performance Skill, the Isle of Wight Youth Inclusion Forum Award for Best Set Design and Staging, the Award for Cultural and Educational Achievement, and overall SECOND PLACE

ST WINIFRED'S SCHOOL, Southampton, Hampshire: the Southampton City Council Award for Best Drama Skills

SYTHWOOD PRIMARY SCHOOL, Woking, Surrey: the Southampton Healthy Schools Award for Best Soundtrack

WYVERN PYRAMID SCHOOLS, Upham, Southampton: the Hampshire Police Authority Award for Concept Interpretation, and overall FOURTH PLACE


BALLARD SCHOOL, New Milton, Hampshire
"Eco warriors under the sea"

    The beautiful, peaceful environment of the coral reef is being slowly destroyed by pollutants released by humans every day. A team of eco warriors arrive to clean up the mess left by people. They rid the coral reef of harmful substances, restoring it to its former beauty and saving the wildlife that lives there.

NORMAN GATE SCHOOL, Andover, Hampshire
"Building Bridges"

    There are physical bridges but we can build a bridge to help children go from shy to confident, lonely to having friends, left out to being a team player. This theme comes from our school values which spells PARTIES. Progress, Aiming high, Respect, Teamwork, Independence, Enthusiasm, Self-esteem. Norman Gate School is our bridge.

"There's more than one side to every argument"

    Some people think that bio fuels, produced from food crops, are the answer to the world's fuel crisis. However, destroying the rainforests in order to grow these crops means that many species are in danger of extinction. Another issue is that 16,000 children die each day from starvation. So, should we be growing crops for food or bio fuels?

"Those Who Are About to Dance, We Salute You"

    During our Ancient Rome topic we became fascinated by the lives of gladiators. We realised that whilst they enjoyed certain privileges they were still slaves. Our performance shows that even if we are forced into a life of slavery we still can make choices that change the way people think. We think our gladiators would've made Rome a better place.

"The Quest"

    Long, long ago in Ancient Greece the gods who lived on Mount Olympus decided destinies of ordinary mortals. One such brave soldier was sent on a quest to save the life of an imprisoned beautiful princess. Would the gods be kind and help him or would they watch him lead his men to death?

ST WINIFRED'S SCHOOL, Southampton, Hampshire

    Our dance is about a famous Greek Hero who had to make some difficult choices in his dangerous adventures. Ancient Greek gods tried to influence his choices. We children today, 'US', also have people trying to influence us about our lifestyles. In our dance we look for the hero in us, the PERSEUS in US.

FOREST EDGE SCHOOL, Southampton, Hampshire
"A Night at the Pantomime"

    The pupils of Forest Edge would like to take you on a journey into the world of pantomime.
    We are sure that you will have a very jolly time. (Oh no we won't)
    Oh yes you will!

ST MARK'S CE PRIMARY SCHOOL, Farnborough, Hampshire
"Lost but not forgotten - the children of war torn Sierra Leone"

    "If you were born in the poorest country in the world, you're orphaned by civil war, and you're only six, and no-one helps, what happens to you?"
    When we read this we were determined to become involved and help the lost children of Sierra Leone. Our story is about war, abandonment, rescue, love and reuniting these scattered children.

"Four Seasons in One Day"

    Wind, rain, ice, sunshine ... we see all kinds of weather. With global warming it's getting worse. Climate change is caused by CO2 released into the atmosphere when we burn fossil fuels. We must be more eco-friendly and care for our beautiful world or the weather may become more extreme. We will see all four seasons in one day more often.

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