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Past Themes
Take a look at some of these past themes for inspiration...

2018 National J Rock™ Award for Concept

Highfield CE Primary, Southampton, Hampshire

Kitty’s Key -Based o­n the Michael Morpurgo book “Alone o­n a wide wide sea”

Between 1947-1967 thousands of British orphans were sent to Australia. This is Arthur and Kitty’s Story, siblings forcibly separated their o­nly link a key. Arthur vows to o­ne day find his sister and return the key to her, but sixty years o­n fate intervenes and it's left to his daughter to try and bring the threads of his life together.

2018 National Rock Challenge® Open Division Award for Concept                                                         

Regents Park Community College, Southampton, Hampshire 

The Russian Sleep Experiment

It’s 1943; Soviet prisoners are sealed in a chamber filled with experimental gas, testing the effects of prolonged sleep deprivation. The first few days pass uneventfully.

Day 5, Paranoia sets in. Day 15, the gas is turned off, preparing for the subjects' release. They cried, “We no longer want to be freed." What’s the truth behind the Russian Sleep Experiment?

2017 National J Rock™ Award for Concept

Wellow Primary School, Romsey, Hampshire

SS Mendi - The Ship History Forgot

Imagine. The early hours of a bleak February morning. More than 600 sons of South Africa flailing in the Solent. Their doomed ship falls to the seabed. The sea swallows the men’s cries as the blanket of dense fog smothers predominantly black figures. World war raging, these brave warriors answer The Empire’s call, their reward, to be forgotten. Until Now.

2017 National Rock Challenge® Open Division Award for Concept

Chatsmore Catholic High School, Worthing, West Sussex

Drinking the Mercury

At first the villagers of Minamata Japan were delighted to see how easy the fish were to catch, as they floated o­n the surface of the river. Slowly, as cats died and then children, the tragedy of methylmercury poisoning dawned. From 1956 to 2010 the people have fought for justice against the Chisso Factory responsible. This is their story.

2017 National Rock Challenge® Premier Division Award for Concept

West Lakes Academy, Egremont, Cumbria

Only the Queen may breed 

Flora 717 is a worker bee born into the lowest caste of hive society. Prepared to sacrifice everything for the Queen, she is a survivor who escapes internal massacres and can even confront a huge marauding wasp attack. But when Flora is overwhelmed by a deeply forbidden maternal love, she must break the most sacred law of all.

2016 National J Rock™ Award for Concept 

East Bridgford St Peter’s C of E Academy, East Bridgford, Notts

Savage Garden

Everything in the garden is fragrant and lovely, a tranquil haven until unwelcome visitors appear, but are they really a threat or will they add to its unique charm? After all, a weed is o­nly a weed because it grows where you don't want it to. Could their unique features and qualities actually add to the beauty of life?

2016 National Open Rock Challenge® Award for Concept

Campsmount Academy, Doncaster:

The School They Couldn't Kill

Campsmount; that’s my school. When it burnt down, we students did everything we could to keep our home alive. Despite the lack of funds and belief. We fought for the heart of our community. And we got it. We made this happen. You can do anything if you believe in it. We are Campsmount. We’re the school they couldn’t kill.

2016 National Premier Rock Challenge® Award for Concept

The Whitehaven Academy, Whitehaven:


15th August 1947. As our men and boys made their way 1 mile underground, the canary's voice was clear and strong. We are proud to pay tribute to the courage of the miners, the strength of the women, the determination of the rescuers, and the brave that returned underground in the battle for coal that cost the lives of 104.

2015 National J Rock™ Award for Concept

Bridgend Primary School, Alness:

All For The Love of a Selkie!

Our performance is based o­n the traditional story 'The Selkie's Skin'. The Selkies leave the sea; shed their skin revealing their human form, o­nly able to return to their Seal Queen wearing their skins. Through our dance we show love is sometimes staring you in the face! And you don't always get what you expect! Enjoy!

2015 National Open Rock Challenge® Award for Concept

Richard Taunton Sixth Form College, Southampton:

Seven For A Secret

Inspired by Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds, our dance tells the eerie tale of four young girls who stumble upon a seemingly vulnerable bird. Not recalling their mothers tale of o­ne for sorrow, they taunt and torment. Suddenly birds flock, they swarm and attack their tormentors. A trap, luring innocence the birds hold a secret never to be told....