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Meet the Crew
Our dedicated and experienced team are ready to make each Rock Challenge year bigger and better than the last!
David Beal - Stage Manager and Foundation General Manager
I've been involved in Rock Challenge since it started (22nd year now!). I performed for two years at school and did another two years at college. I then had o­ne year as Assistant Stage Manager before becoming Stage Manager six years ago. Currently I am also the General Manager of the Be Your Best Foundation.

Within the next two years I would like to see 20,000 students involved with Rock Challenge every year. I also have a personal aim to do every job in Rock Challenge: Event Manager, Compere, Judge etc etc. (Would also like to see Olly off the team ;o) I would also like to see RC ?in the round? style. If not ... "Rock Challenge o­n Ice!

I think Rock Challenge is a great way to improve self-esteem and teamwork skills. If just o­ne participant a year quits smoking, drinking or taking drugs then it?s worth all the effort.
Dan McCready - Crew
I was stage crew for my school from 1997 to 1999, then performed at college in 2000. Promotion in 2001...I was the Liaison Teacher, choreographer AND a performer!

I volunteered for some events in 2002 and 2003 and then volunteered at pretty much the whole tour in 2004 (and trained to be a Propsmaster) before becoming Assistant Stage Manager. I'm now also involved in development work as well.

I love working for Rock Challenge because I remember how much fun it was when I was performing so I love giving the kids the same opportunity. (Plus it's twice as much fun working for the company - I love being on the road and meeting loads of new people!).

It would a dream come true for UK Rock Challenge finally to get TV coverage - I think there will be no stopping us once we achieve that.

In the next ten years I aim to have worked for every Rock Challenge across the globe.